Awards Plaque Mounting

Mounting premium awards plaques within a commercial office space

Mounting glass and metal wall plaques can be a tricky task, as the glass may break if not properly handled. Additionally, the weight of the plaque must be taken into consideration when selecting mount hardware. Careful attention to the details of the installation is required in order to have a successful outcome.

First, identify a stable, level surface on which you plan to mount the plaque. Ensure that this area is free of dirt and debris and clean the surface prior to installation. Use a level to make sure that the mounting surface is level. Next, locate and acquire the appropriate mounting hardware. Make sure that the chosen hardware is rated to support the weight of the plaque you are installing.

Generally, heavy-duty anchors and screws are appropriate for most wall plaques. If the plaque is made of metal, use a drill to attach the hardware. For larger plaques, it may be necessary to use a power drill and a drill bit suitable for the material (i.e. metal or glass). If the plaque is made of glass, use a drillable glass spacer to support the weight of the plaque.

Then, attach the plaque to the wall using the appropriate hardware. Use the level to make sure that the plaque is correctly affixed to the wall. Once the plaque is mounted, test its stability. Finally, protect the surface by placing transparent mounting tape or a felt pad on the back of the plaque where it comes into contact with the wall. This prevents the plaque from shifting and reduces the potential for damage. The results looked professional and the customer was very satisfied with the look.

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