Dishwasher install with Drew

Giving the perfect fit in this remodeled kitchen

Today I had the pleasure of installing a dishwasher in a newly renovated kitchen for a client. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. The first step was to carefully measure the area where the dishwasher would be placed. Once I had the measurements, I could prepare the area for the installation. I carefully cut the hole in the countertop and set the dishwasher in place. Next, I connected the dishwasher to the water supply. I also made sure to connect the drain hose to the plumbing system. This was a complicated process, but with careful work, I was able to get it done. Finally, I connected the electrical wiring to the dishwasher, making sure to double check the connections. Once I was satisfied that the wiring was secure, I powered on the dishwasher and tested it out. It worked perfectly! Installing a dishwasher is a rewarding job and I'm glad I got the chance to do it. Not only did I get to help out a client with their newly renovated kitchen, but I also got to have some fun while doing it.