Doorway trim in Naples

Sprucing up an entrance can add curb appeal to your home!

Renovating and reinstalling new door trim can be a great way to update the look of a home. As a professional handyman, I have done many door trim renovations for clients. First, remove the old door trim and its nails. Use a pry bar or a hammer to remove the trim and nails. Be careful not to damage the surrounding walls or moldings. Next, measure the door opening to determine the size of the new door trim. Next, select the new door trim. You can choose from a variety of trim styles, materials and sizes. Choose something that is in line with the overall design of the kitchen. Once you have chosen the trim, cut it to the appropriate size and shape. Now it’s time to install the trim. Use a tape measure to make sure the trim fits the door opening. Mark the mounting holes with a pencil, then use a drill and screws to attach the trim to the door. Once the trim is in place, add caulk around the edges and between the trim and the door. This will create a tight seal and prevent air and moisture from entering the kitchen. Finally, paint and sand where appropriate to make sure the final look is both secure, and visually pleasing.