Flag Pole Mount

Get your flagpole ready for summer and July 4th!

First, you should find the best location to install the flag pole. Look for an area that is easy to access for installation and maintenance, and make sure the pole will not impede foot or vehicle traffic or encroach on structures such as nearby buildings or trees. Also consider HOA guidelines, and curb appeal.

Once you have determined the ideal location for the flag pole, measure carefully and make sure to mark the spot so you can accurately place the pole when you begin to install it. Before installing the flag pole, attach a galvanized steel bracket to the house. This will provide a stable base for the flag pole, and ensure it remains secure once you have installed it. Be sure to check your local building codes for specific requirements, as these can vary from one location to another.

Follow the instructions provided with the flag pole to assemble the pole and mount it securely to the bracket. Make sure the pole is firmly secured before proceeding. You'll need a screwdriver, a level, and potentially washers depending on your bracket and flag kit.

Finally, install your flag of choice and hardware for displaying it. Enjoy proudly displaying your flag for Independence Day and year-round.