Gas Range BBQ

Installing and wiring a beautiful gas range bbq for outdoor patio

This fun job may seem easy, but fitting this gas grill into the frame structure, and making sure the wiring were all secure and properly framed is something that can take patience and experience.

It's important to Prepare the area: To install a built-in gas range for your patio, you'll need to ensure that you have a flat, level surface for the range to sit on. Check that the area is free of debris and other objects, and make sure it is large enough for the range. 2. Construct the frame: Construct a frame for the range to sit on. This frame should be sturdy and level, and should be constructed from materials that are resistant to outdoor elements. 3. Install the gas line: Connect the gas line to the range with the appropriate fittings, and ensure that all connections are tight. Use a pressure gauge to test the line pressure. 4. Connect the electrical system: Make sure to use the appropriate electrical components and wiring to connect the range to the power source. Check that all connections are secure and that all components are working properly. 5. Secure the range: Secure the range to the frame with appropriate fasteners. Make sure that the range is level and that all connections are secure. 6. Test the range: Once the range is installed, test it to make sure it is functioning properly.

We will be doing a more indepth video of this project in the future, but for any outdoor patio and hosting area needs, give Goliath a call!