Safety Grab Bar Install

Whether its for seniors at home, or for a more accessible property, grab bars add a welcomed element of safety to any space.

Grab bars can be a great addition to any home, but they are especially important for senior citizens. Grab bars provide an extra layer of safety to any home, allowing seniors to move around their home with confidence and peace of mind. These bars offer a secure and stable support system for seniors. When installed correctly, grab bars can provide the additional stability and balance that seniors need to move around their home safely.

Grab bars can be installed in bathrooms, near stairs, and in showers and tubs to provide an extra level of safety for seniors. They can also be used to help elderly people get up from a seated position, or to help them move from one place to another. In addition, grab bars can be used to protect elderly people from falls. Studies have shown that falls are one of the leading causes of death and injury in seniors. Installing grab bars in key areas of the home can help reduce the risk of falls and give seniors the confidence to move around their home without fear of falling.

Grab bars are also an affordable way to add an element of safety to a home. They are easy to install and require little ongoing maintenance. They are also available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, so they can be easily matched to any interior design theme. Finally, grab bars can be an important part of home modifications for seniors. Home modifications such as widened doorways, wheelchair ramps, and grab bars can be a great way to make a home more accessible and comfortable for an elderly person. In short, grab bars can be a great way to add an element of safety to a home, especially for seniors. They provide a secure and stable support system, they can help protect seniors from falls, they are an affordable option, and they can be used as part of home modifications. For these reasons, grab bars are an important tool for any home with an elderly resident.

Goliath does a ton of work for seniors and building accessible spaces. Ask us if you need help with. grab bars or other safety elements in your home!