Grab Bars into Masonry

We are pros at installing grab bars quickly and securely. Doing this into tile or stone is a bit trickier...see how we did it.

For this job, we installed six grab bars in a bathroom and shower area in a matter of minutes. With the right tools, and a little know-how, so can you.

Installing a safety grab bar into tile in a shower requires special anchors. First, you will need to use a drill and masonry bit to drill the holes into the tile. Next, you will need to make sure the holes are the correct size to fit the anchors. Then, you will need to place the anchors into the holes and use a hammer or a screwdriver to make sure they are securely in place. Lastly, you will need to use a screwdriver to attach the safety grab bar to the anchors.

Drilling into tile can be stressful, so go slow, or call us :)

We used WingIts Grab Bar Fasteners (up to 450lbs), and secured the seals with mold resistant caulk. Once the holes are drilled into the tile, these plastic anchors push right in, and then you can put the grab bar in place and screw into the wall.

To mount the actual bar, you will need to use a level. Place the level on top of the bar and adjust the anchors until the bubble is in the center of the level. If the bar is not level, you can adjust the anchors to make sure it is leveled correctly. Once the bar is level, you can use the screwdriver to secure the bar to the anchors.