Retiling Bathroom in Naples

Check out this tricky tile job in a Naples community. We took an eighties era bathroom and gave it a modern facelift!

Retiling an 1980s bathroom may seem like a straightforward task for the average homeowner, but the truth is that there are several intricacies that require an experienced professional. First and foremost, the bathroom must be properly prepared for the retiling. This includes making sure there are no plumbing issues, like a leaky pipe, that need to be addressed before any work can begin. Additionally, the walls and floors must be thoroughly cleaned and sanded down to ensure that the tiles will adhere properly.

This is a job that requires the expertise of an experienced handyman to ensure that the preparation is done correctly.

Once the bathroom is properly prepared, the actual retiling process can begin. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the process of carefully laying out the tiles and evenly spacing them can take hours to complete. It is essential that the tiles are properly aligned and that all the grout lines are even. If not, the tiles will not adhere correctly and will eventually come undone. This is where an experienced professional can help. Finally, after the retiling is completed, the bathroom needs to be cleaned and sealed to protect it from moisture.

See a before and after, below: